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About InBoundCallPros (ICP)

ICP was founded by Group of visionary business Entrepreneurs. Inbound call pros specializes in pay per call advertising, cost per lead marketing and is a full service media-consulting and marketing firm with an emphasis on cost effective results driven custom direct marketing services and direct response advertising. We use our relationships and years of experience to create custom lead generation and call center programs on behalf of our clients to increase revenue while reducing overhead expenses.

Our network of performance based TV, radio, print, Internet and mobile broadcast resources deliver the highest returns on investment possible to you Find out how you can take advantage of our large network of TV, radio, print, Internet, and mobile broadcasters to satisfy all of your lead needs . Our direct marketing services include direct response advertising through direct response tv, direct response radio.

Inbound call pros has been creating campaigns that work. We have created hundreds of TV,radio spots, direct mail, web ads and web sites for a wide spectrum of industries including Automotive, Real Estate, Retail, Direct Response, Telecommunications, Tax Defense, Federal Student loan consolidation programs. Are you Looking for a winning campaign, TV spots, print ad, infomercial or web site? Would you like to increase sales? We use a variety of media including TV, radio, interactive-TV, mobile, Internet and print, and we do it all on a cost per call, per-inquiry basis. And after analyzing hundreds of competitive per-order offers, we've seen that HPM's Pay Per Call program OUTPERFORMS even the best per-sale or per-order program. We guarantee it.