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DME Live Transfers- Hottest Leads in the Industry for Durable Medical Equipment!!!



Lead Types for DME Suppliers

We have a variety of durable medical equipment leads. Please refer to the lead types we offer for more information:
Knee Braces
Back Braces

Live Transfer Leads Highest Conversions In the Industry

If that’s not reason enough, here are seven more facts that demonstrate how live transfer leads might be an attractive alternative to your online lead generation:

1. They are immediate

Live call transfer leads are transferred immediately to your sales team during business hours for them to convert into instant sales.

2. Interested, Interested, Interested

It goes without saying that qualified leads will have an interest in learning more about your product or service. What is important to recognize, however, is that these leads have already been pre-screened for your agents when they connect with your sales team and will be ready and open to discussing how your organization can help them to address their needs.

3. Guaranteed contact

Unlike online lead generation, live transfer leads guarantee that there will be someone on the other end of the line for your sales agents to speak with. With online lead gen methods, your sales agents are required to follow up with potential leads in order to connect with them and make their pitch. This can involve a lot of time spent playing phone tag, sending e-mails back and forth none of this will ever be an issue with live call transfer leads.

4. Leads are pre-qualified

Qualifying leads is so important to the lead generation process. Not only will it save your sales team from having to filter through individuals who do not qualify for your particular offering, but it will also help you build a stronger list of potential prospects.
While web forms, surveys, and social media campaigns are all great ways to qualify leads in an increasingly digital age, no method will allow prospects to be more thoroughly qualified than a conversation with that individual about their background, their needs, and their level of interest in your product or service. Using live call transfer lead generation can increase the likelihood that the leads coming through to you are of the highest quality.


One of the more difficult aspects of traditional online lead generation is that by the time sales agents reach the leads, they may have changed their mind about your service, connected with another supplier, or otherwise become “cold” to the idea of continuing the sales conversation with you.
This is much less likely to happen when a company uses live transfer leads because the leads are effectively “warmed up” to your organization’s pitch by our call center staff. This warm-up will make it very easy for your sales team to move seamlessly into their pitch and convert the leads into sales at a record pace.

6. Grow your sales, Grow your ROI

Speaking of sales, the fact that these types of live transfer lead campaigns can boost your company’s sales should be music to any marketer’s ears. Simply put, running a campaign with us your ROI will undoubtedly make your operation more successful and boost your bottom line. Not only will processes become more efficient for your sales agents, but the process is streamlined for interested customers as well. This will translate to an increase in conversions and a noticeable impact on the growth of your sales program.