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Custom Direct Marketing Campaigns

Whether you are launching a branded or direct response national advertising campaign, we can help. Utilize our services to create your TV/Radio/Print ads, manage your media buys and leverage our pay per call/pay per inquiry network to get the highest returns on your media investment.

Pay Per Call – Pay Per Inquiry Advertising

Pay-per-Call instead of paying a fee per Click, the merchant pays the service provider a fee per Call for connecting the consumer to the advertised number. Pay-per-Call advertising was first introduced in the US around September 2004 and registered as a Trade Mark in 2005. Pay-per-call is believed to be a better solution to connect potential customers to advertisers. In recent years, the Pay-per-Call model has been experiencing significant growth and industry adoption, partly attributed to the growing popularity of web-enabled smartphones.

image descriptionMedia Buying

Full service media buying for direct response TV, direct response radio, print, Internet, pod cast, mobile phone and direct response advertising, with an emphasis on remnant inventory. All campaigns are monitored and optimized for maximum ROI. Call us today!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We deliver only top 10 Google page rankings. We charge clients based on results delivered. Contact Us now to get a free analysis !

Inbound Call Center Services

If you are looking to optimize your call center or build a new call center we can help. Contact us today!

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Cost/Revenue Projections - Production Consulting - Creative Review - Research - Competitive Media Spending Industry and Demographic Trends - Competitive Creative Review - Competitive Campaign Detail - Media Buying - TV, Radio, Print, Online - DR for Retail Support - Demographic and Geographic Targeting - Competitive Media History - Bonus Weight / Free media - CPA/Per Inquiry - Television, radio, online, mobile and print - CPC, CPL, and CPO platforms available in both English & Spanish - Weekly tracking and analysis - Demographic and geographic targeting available - Reporting - Detail Media Results - Daily retail Revenue - Tracking - Quarterly Campaign Recap.

Profit Analysis

Online Tracking - Retail Support - Distribute into Retail - Drive retail sales nationally and regionally - Track daily retail sales versus media spending - Coordinate retail promotions with media support - Tracking and Analysis - Electronic Airings Verification - Retail Revenue - DR Revenue - Cost Per Call - Cost per Order - Cost per Sale (retail) - Call to Order Conversion Rate - Media Efficiency Ratio.

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Call Center Management - Pre & Post Production - Online Lead Generation - Pay Per Call - Pay Per Lead Advertising

Website Development

We are about helping your business grow! We are dedicated to DESIGNING, DEVELOPING, MAINTAINING and improving the functionality of your organization's website. Our goal is to provide your business with attractive, functional, and unique elements of web & graphic design, helping you facilitate your company's growth at the fastest rate possible. Our experience in constructing web designs promotes your success. Whether you're using the web to describe your services, sell your products or market your brand, we can help. We'll give you focused, objective, and effective advice to help your website succeed to its fullest potential.