If your product or service is not in a category that we have already placed advertising on, Inbound Call Pros (ICP) will take your offer and put it on one of our National Networks at a very, very  low CPM.  If the test is successful and the cost per call is within your parameters or business model, we will then assume the risk on future advertising and sell you only calls. At this point, our radio advertising program virtually eliminates your marketing risk. It’s like old school per inquiry media, but its advertising that runs during business hours and is scalable.  In addition, if your product or service is already in one of the dozens of categories that we are currently placing media buys on each week, then testing is not necessary and we can start sending you qualified, live radio calls immediately.  Most companies who test with ICP find that we dramatically beat their current radio or TV advertising results – both short and long form commercials , and infomercials — due to our extremely low  rate spots!!

Industries We Currently Provide Inbound Calls To:

    Student Loans

    Tax Settlement

    Merchant Cash Advance / Funding

    Health Insurance

    Final Expense Insurance

    Auto Insurance

    Debt Settlement

    Credit Counseling

    Pay Day Loans

    Auto Warranty


    Loan Mod

    Foreclosure Defense

    Legal & Legal Tort

    Direct Response Products

    Health and Beauty Products